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The ranges of services offered at PolAmex are structured to provide our clients with electrical engineering expertise throughout project development. A general summary of our services follows:

  • General:

    • Preliminary Engineering

    • Estimating

    • Economic Analysis

    • Due Diligence (Owners Engineer)

    • Energy Audits

    • Construction and Equipment Specifications

    • Project Management

    • Consulting Engineering

    • Field Engineering

    • Equipment & Plant Surveys

    • Special Applications

    • Electrical Training

  • Electrical System Analysis / Studies:

    • Equipment and Apparatus Selection and Sizing

    • AC and DC Load Flow Studies

    • AC Short Circuit Studies (ANSI, IEC-60909, IEC-61363, COMPREHENSIVE)

    • DC Short Circuit Studies

    • AC Unbalance Studies

    • Arc Flash Evaluation and Optimization (IEEE-1584, NFPA-70E)

    • Equipment and Apparatus Short Circuit Evaluation

    • Protective Relay Coordination Studies

    • Protective Relay Settings

    • Protective Relay Programming Files

    • System Steady State Evaluation

    • System Dynamic Performance Evaluation

    • Ground Grid Studies and Design

    • Utility Interface Negotiation and  Interpretation

    • Power Cost Studies

    • Motor Starting Analyses

    • Feasibility Studies

    • CT Saturation Analysis Using EMTP

    • Load Shedding

  • Generation:

    • Gas Turbine and Generator

    • Gas Engine and Generator

    • Diesel Engine and Generator

    • Essential and/or Emergency Engine Generator

    • Renewable Energy Sources (wind energy)

    • Isolated Power System

  • Electrical Systems

    • System Integration

    • Detail Engineering and Designing

    • Low, Medium and High Voltage System

    • LV, MV and HV Substations

    • Low, Medium and High Voltage Switchgears

    • Cable Pulling Schedules, Routing, Fill, dBase Cable Tracking

    • Cable Pull Calculations

    • Lighting

    • Lightning

    • Grounding and Ground Grid

    • Essential Power Systems Based on DC and/or UPS

    • Secondary Selective System (PLC or Relay Based), Automatic Transfer Switch and/or Solid-State Transfer Switch System

  • Controls

    • PLC Control and Controllers for Power, Engine Control and ESS

    • Variable Speed Drive Systems Based on VFD and/or SCR Drives

    • Generator Control Systems

    • DC Motor Control

    • Motor Control

    • Essential Systems Control

    • Special Applications

  • Inspection, Testing, and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

    • Induction and Synchronous Motors

    • DC Motors

    • Induction and Synchronous Generators

    • AC and DC Drive and Drive Systems

    • LV, MV, and HV Switchgear

    • Power Distribution Center Based Constructions

    • System Integration

    • Retrofitting

    • Protective Relay Panels

    • PLC Panels

    • Turbine Panels

    • System Mechanical Completion Acceptance

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