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Competition in the growing industry has become a primary driver for both engineering firms and their clients. PolAmex has experience in the engineering, design, construction and operation of industrial projects in the United States and foreign countries. Maintaining our expertise with new technology is inherent to our business and a vital part of success.

PolAmex offers clients complete electrical engineering discipline experience in all phases of projects from conceptual design through startup.  A summary of technology experience for PolAmex Engineering is as follows:

  • Gas Turbines Systems

  • Gas Compressor Systems

  • Pump Drive Systems

  • Drilling Onshore and Offshore Systems

  • Topsides Modules

  • Power Generation Control and Systems

  • Systems based on Portable Distribution Houses (PDC, packaged etc.)

  • Low, Medium and High Voltage Substations

  • Ships Propulsion Systems

  • Standard and Customized Switchgear Packages

  • Static Excitation Packages

  • VFD and/or SCR Drives Systems

  • PLC Control Systems

  • Protective Relay Panels and/or System

  • System Integration

  • System Feasibility, Conceptual Engineering, Engineering and Design

  • Relay Settings and System Study

  • Detail Engineering and Designing

  • Special Application


  • Petrochemical

  • Utilities

  • Oil Production

  • Marine Work Boats

  • Marine Special Boats

  • Marine Topsides

  • Plastics

  • Pipelines

  • Compressors

  • Renewable Energy

  • OEM Support

Selected clients list:

  • RIVA Services

  • Amerimex Motor & Controls, Inc.

  • Texas Ohio Energy

  • Linden Power Company

  • Edison Chouest Offshore

  • North American Shipbuilding

  • Gulf Electroquip, Inc.

  • Transocean Offshore Co.

  • Tesla Power & Automation, Inc.

  • Turner Power Engineers, Inc.

  • Electrical Technology, Inc.

  • Klein Soccer Club

  • Alvin City Soccer Club

  • Control Rooms Of Texas

  • Mustang Engineering L.P.

  • Waukesha-Pearce Industries, Inc.

  • Powell-Tech Service (subsidiary of Powell Industries)

  • Zilkha Renewable Energy

  • Waldemar S. Nelson & Company, Inc.

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